What is erectile dysfunction, causes, treatment?

The men’s health clinic gets so many complaints related to men. But, due to unhealthy activities, the most common complaints are related to erectile and sexual dysfunction. In the late thirties, the problem starts to take palace. It is difficult for men, to get and maintain erectile. Some men prefer to talk about this subject matter openly but some are too shy to discuss it with anybody. They would do a lot of research on google and would read articles to get an answer. What’s the main cause behind erectile dysfunction tretment? We will understand in short, what is erectile dysfunction, how it happens, and what is the treatment. 

What is Erectile dysfunction?

Morever, When a man is unable to have a problem to have proper erection, during a sexual act. Then this is considered erectile dysfunction. Generally, It is seen that an average person’s erection timing is around five point four minutes and t this could last for around five minutes to an hour. 

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction?

While a person is making out, he may feel that all of a sudden there is a change in erection timings and the body will send continuous signals. It will reduce the erection while having sex, the penetration will be for a few minutes as moving to old age. Men will confront no erection at all while witnessing this dysfunction. 

Although age is considered to be the main reason for not having a suitable last longing erection. There could be more symptoms in depth. Lets us see, some of the potential symptoms of erectile dysfunction. A person may have depression, stress, anxiety, guilt, addiction to porn, reletionship issues, and not being able to perform, a poor state of mind. 

Causes of erectile dysfunction?

The main causes of erectile dysfunction are stated below.

  • Improper flow of, blood. 
  • High blood pressure. 
  • Vascular diseases. 
  • Cardiac muscular disease. 
  • Major cancer 
  • Surgery 
  • Radiation 
  • Damage blood vessels 
  • Damage nerves 
  • Physiological problems 
  • Sexual trauma.

Diagnosis of erectile dysfunction

  • Physical tests 
  • urine tests 
  • blood tests 
  • ultrasounds 
  • and physiological tests are some of the major methods to detect erectile dysfunction.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction?

In general, a man who is complaining or is unable to obtain, or maintains an erection can go for clinical medication. The treatment is more effective if it is diagnosed at an early age. The minor issue is that patients are nervous and do not like to discuss it. The treatment is not so very effective and it only works on fifty percent of the patients. 

  • As. discussed that the major cause is the flow of blood. Anything that can improve the flow of blood around the penis can improve the erection. Oral medication can improve systematically. for example, taking pills. 
  • Often a man is sacred of this method but a traditional method is of using a needle. A needle is inserted inside This method is effective and will improve the flow of blood.
  • A penal implant means that there will a surgery. The doctor will only suggest this option when the other option failed 
  • Quitting smoking. 
  • Start to walk 
  • Eating correctly. 
  • Start to lose weight. 


Morever, Ten percent of men have erectile dysfunction due to, the above causes. About ninety percent of people have physiological issues. A young man who is the age of twenty-five is not able to obtain an erection. it is generally, because of physiological issues. He may be depressed or extreme trauma is associated with it. In this case, a sex therapist could be of great help. 

Erectile is an interdisciplinary subject. It has got a promising future. a patient diagnosed with erectile dysfunction would contact the doctor. people should come up with and should make awareness topics to educate the youth and more easy methods should be available, to fight against this problem.

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