Mental Health Awareness!

Emotional, psychological, and social well beings are three major verticals of mental health awareness. Our thinking patterns and behavior gets so much influenced by this. 

Global research tells us that good mental health allows an individual to perform their duty rightfully and participate in social functions. And it maintains a better and more harmonious relationship with society. 

What is mental health?

Many definitions have been stated regarding mental health and everybody has a different saying about the definition. 

Mental health awareness is associated with the process of how we think and how we cope with our surroundings and environment.

Talking about an example in general, then an individual will fully utilize its caliber when he or she is fully fit and fine. 

How one can recognize that an individual is fine? These days it’s easy to hide emotions, and stress and nobody could determine the level of pain and sorrow, which is going on in someone’s mind. 

In fact, mental health deterioration is considered and mistaken for mental disorders. Mental disorders and mental health awareness are two things. A mental disorder occurs when a person has gone through some important major accident or major post-trauma incident. 

It becomes so hard for a person to mingle with social groups or know the exact way to enjoy. This occurs due to anxiety and bad experiences. 


A person can count on the tip of the finger how stress can lead to mental health and illnesses. It starts from the bottom line and all of a sudden you, without recognizing start to feel the change. The person may not feel the obvious reasons but the surveys done and the results show the main causes. 

  • Economic factor- a person with a not great income lead to cause health issues. 
  • Stress- stress can be of different types. an example could be not able to perform in Workfront, hospital bills, school fees, and the demands of the child. 
  • Cultural factor some so many people migrate and also are illegal refugees. New demogrphic boundaries can easily give them a shock. On the work front, an employee can get them shock as so many different culture people work together.

Diagnose/ Treatment

Mental health can easily be treated and can improve the illness of any person. Here are the following steps which need to be followed correctly and things will improve eventually. 

  • Take an appointment with a doctor that is a physiologist, or physiatric. No need to feel shame or need to be scared of society. Just be fearless and take the action on your present health. 
  • After the appointment, the doctors will fix a meeting. In the meeting be very open and without any hesitation start to explain the condition. 
  • The doctor may ask questions like:- is this condition running in your family, or for how long this is running? The courage should be from within. The answer should be spontaneous. 
  • The doctor may involve you in an activity and may see the moment or check the behavioral pattern. You should only perform as much as your health allows. Do not constantly push yourself to a point where you start to give up. This might also give false results and the output might be not accurate. so be very careful about it. 
  • To diagnose accurately, the doctor might ask you to reveal whether you were on any medication. All medicine is not healthy or beneficial for our health. This may put a stop to our thinking capacity and performance. The doctor might help you accordingly. 
  • Assistance might be provided like they may ask you to visit the health care center at least twice a week. This will tell how your body is reacting, how much improvement has been developing, or how much more work needs to be done. 
  • Healthcare providers may ask you to visit gardens or to spend more time with your loved ones. This will improve the basic understanding. 
  • The use of drugs and alcohol should be stopped immediately. 
  • Prescribed medicine has to be consumed, only when the doctors approve it. And only when mental health is too low. 
  • Therapy can also improve it. 
  • The needy should start to read more and educate more. should understand how mental health awareness could be dangerous and kill someone. 


An authentic book should be written to promote the subject and to educate the person. The media should also come up to talk about this topic. 

The seminars should be conducted every 3 months to talk about the issues and to know the stories of people going through and how to overcome them. 

There is a need to understand this in a broader sense. A sense of conscience should be there and people should start to normalize mental health and mental illness. 

The student should start to incorporate this in their studies and teachers should adapt and cultivate the habit to talk about this in moral science classes. 

Social workers should come in together and do street play to highlight the problem. Most people love to watch this kind of play which can not only help them but their kids to be more open, compassionate and be kind, and helpful. 


It is the right time that people should start to speak more about health care. Taboo has confined the people and has let this topic lock in the doors. A big thanks to the literate media that, are focusing and giving full attention to covering the topic. 

What NMHS has to state? According to the survey, it says that every sixth person requires health help. Eight percent are facing mental illness. Mental health issues are mostly found in the age group of thirty to forty age group. 

Many Institutions did this study and have come to the conclusion that how people need assistance in terms of counseling, advice, and more understanding. It is alarming to know and even sorrowful that more studies in an earlier time were neglected.

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